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Benefits of a Reading Slant Board


Over the past few articles, we've discussed the various ways in which you can improve your reading, care for your vision and even enhance the learning experience all by how you practice proper reading or working ergonomics.  There is a distinct relationship between how you view your work space and how it affects you physically and mentally.  In continuing with providing you with valuable information on how to care for your vision and practice positive study, reading or work habits, here are the many benefits that our reading slant board provides.

Ergonomic Attributes


Ergonomics is defined in the dictionary as "(used with a sing. verb) The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort." The design of our reading slant board took all the aspects of ergonomics into the equation in order to produce a work surface that could:

  • -Improve Posture
  • -Reduce the Heart Rate
  • -Lower Blood Pressure
  • -Allow for Better Tracking
  • -Enhance Comprehension
  • -Reduce Eye Fatigue
  • -Increase Quality of Penmanship
  • -Reduce Wrist Cramping

in addition to proper ergonomics, the Visual Edge Slant Board also provides a Versatile Work Station. The science behind the 22 degree angle makes it ideal to hold almost any size book.  Architects and Calligraphers continue to work upon slanted surfaces, so we found that this angle not only optimizes your writing, but also your reading.  Fundamental features added to the slant board include:

  • -A paperclip to hold documents securely.
  • -A removable Velcro book catch, which can be stored at the top of the board to allow for an obstruction free writing surface.
  • -A dry erase surface to save paper and allow for notes, solving math problems or practicing spelling.
  • -The magnetic surface allows for the ability to use magnets as learning games, puzzles or holding notes to the board.
  • -The slant of the surface not only works for books or paper but laptops as well.


The health, learning and vision benefits in which the Visual Edge Slant Board provides are immense and our prime purpose for creating this website and this product is to spread valuable information that will help others become aware of these things.

All to often children with learning disabilities struggle with self esteem and keeping up with their course material and proper studying habits along with an ergonomically structured work space can help increase the comprehension and learning ability.

Please take the time to browse our resource library and other articles to learn more about how our reading slant board has helped others through vision therapy, learning comprehension and more.

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