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The Best Slant Board Products from Visual Edge

Libraries, schools and community centers could benefits from the children reading tools and supplies available from Visual Edge. Specializing in Slant Boards, the company makes it easier for children to read and learn. If you work with children on a regular basis, you need one of these tools.

Slant Boards

The slant boards are optimized at a 22 degree angle that has been researched as the best angle for all reading levels to read without eye strain. Slant boards are portable, discreet and only weigh 2 lbs. They also hold individual papers securely. A Slant Board used for writing is one of the most ergonomically efficient ways to set up a workstation.

Dry Erase Board

Why Do You Need a Slant Board?

Slant boards offer superior ergonomics and provide maximum productivity in the learning place. They are comfortable to hold and view and prevent the reader from fatigue. You can use the surface to take notes, hold a book or use magnetic supplies or puzzles. Slant boards have been proven to increase children’s reading abilities and overall health. The also help children with disabilities in helping them achieve a higher self esteem. You can also place a laptop on the slant board. What is the wait? Purchase one today from Visual Edge.

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