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How to Boost Your Child's Reading Skills

Reading Books

How to Boost Your Child's Reading Skills

Being able to read is the most important part of being a great student and gaining general intelligence about the world. Parents are often the best teachers when it comes to improving reading skills to children. This is because parents are usually more familiar with how their child learns, and can incorporate a number of different methods that, when combined with academic instruction, can make a child confident in his/her reading skills. Here are some tips that may help.

Read With Your Child Regularly

Daily reading time does wonders for improving reading skills of children. When you set aside time every day to read a new book, you're introducing your child to new words and helping them recognize a variety of letter combinations. You can start by reading to your child as they follow along in the book, then asking your child to pick out words that he/she knows each time you turn the page before you read the entire passage. Soon, you'll be taking turns reading pages with your child.

Prompt Your Child to Read Through the Day

By labeling items in your child's room or playroom and encouraging your child to read street signs while you run errands, you're emphasizing to your child that words are all around him/her. Encourage your child to read the words and help him/her sound them out. You can even have your child help you decorate the labels that go by his/her bed or toy box. This is a practical way to make reading more fun, and in time, easier.

Children Reading

Use Tools

Attention-getting items that your child can use while reading is also effective for improving reading skills of children. For instance, the Slant Board from Visual Edge comes in a variety of bright colors that are attractive to kids and can encourage more reading. The board makes it easy for children to rest their book on the board while they enjoy or meal, and leaves them hands-free to write down words they're not familiar with so you can review the words with them.

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