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How to Help Kids Read With Slant Boards

The Slant Board from Visual Edge, Inc has the solution for how to help kids read. Slant Boards put reading and writing materials at a 22 degree angle that is the perfect angle to hold practically any size book. So trusted is the 22 degree angle that architects and calligraphers prop their materials at 22 degree angles to conduct their work. Many people believe that Slant Boards only help with writing. However, they also help significantly with reading as well.

The Slant Board is designed with all the aspect of ergonomics in mind. Ergonomics refers to the applied science of equipment design that is intended to maximize productivity be reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. With our Slant Boards, kids experience better posture, a reduced heart rate, lower blood pressure better tracking, enhanced comprehension, a reduction in eye fatigue, an increase in the quality of their penmanship and a reduction in wrist cramping. All of these benefits go into providing a perfect solution for how to help kids read.

Additionally, the Slant Board allows kids to have a more versatile work station. Other features that our Slant Boards feature include the following: a paperclip to help hold documents securely in place, a dry erase surface for taking notes or practicing math or spelling without having to use paper, a removable Velcro book catch and a magnetic surface so that notes, puzzles or learning games can be held to the board easily. The Slant Board is also an ideal surface upon which to place a laptop.

Children Reading

Slant Boards not only help improve kids’ reading and writing skills, but they also help improve their overall health. They are particularly ideal for kids who have disabilities because the ergonomic design of them can help those kids receive a higher level of self-esteem by assisting in their comprehension and learning ability.

Kids’ work stations are essential components to how they learn information just like adult work stations are influential on how productive they are. Maximize your kids’ work stations by implementing Slant Boards into them that will make them more comfortable so that they can better retain information.

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