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How Can I Improve My Child's Reading

  • How to Get Your Children Excited About Reading

    The ability to read and comprehend what is read is a tool that your child will use for a lifetime. If your child is struggling to learn how to read or simply isn't interested in reading, you will definitely want to take steps to inspire and motivate your young learners. Most children can be encouraged to read more often by incorporating a love of learning into everyday life.

    Motivating Young Readers

    One of the challenges that parents face with emerging readers or children who are just learning to sound out words is that books are either too easy or too hard for their current skill level. Children reading books that are too difficult will quickly become frustrated, while books that are too easy may not be interesting enough to hold their attention. Try working within your child's reading level and introducing new, slightly more challenging books on a regular basis to spark your child's interest in reading. You should also consider turning a story into a comprehensive learning experience by using tools to encourage reading comprehension.

    For instance, the Slant Board is a learning tool that can be incorporated into your child's daily reading routine. The Slant Board is particularly helpful if your child has vision issues that frustrate your child when they are trying to read. Children reading books can use the Slant Board to hold the book at the best angle to see the words properly. The Slant Board also doubles as a dry erase board and magnet board that can turn a single story into a learning experience that incorporates math, drawing, and other subjects.
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    Reading For Life

    Interesting, vibrant stories are the key to inspiring your child's interest in reading. Visit your local library to choose from a selection of award winning books or head to the bookstore to allow your child to choose a book that interests them. Allowing your child to choose their own books is one of the simplest and most effective ways to encourage reading. Even picture books for very young children will inspire kids to read later on. You should also read often yourself to provide a positive example for your child to follow.

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