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How to Get Your Children Involved in Reading

children involved in readingreading

With the advancement in technology, many feel that reading has taken the backseat to Video games and television.  Reading during holidays and summer breaks, helps kids maintain their brain muscle activity consistent so that once the classrooms commence again, they ease into educational and study routines easier.  Though it may seem challenging to spark interest in children to enjoy reading, there are many things you can do to make the activity fun and an event worth looking forward to.

Similarly to sending a child to their room when they've been bad, instructing them to just go and read there, can give the activity of reading a negative connotation.  Rather than implementing a forced schedule where they must read, make it a joint experience.  Studies show that parents who read to their children at a very young age, imprint a memorable experience that sticks with them  till they grow older.  If your kids already know how to read, try reading books to them that are advanced for their level.  This helps to introduce more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar to them.

Location Location Location
Take advantage of weather and beautiful scenery in your area.  By taking the activity of reading elsewhere, surroundings can help play a big part in the experience being taken in by your child.  During summer months, you can make it a family event for everyone to grab their favorite books and head out to the beach for some R&R, or have a picnic in the park that includes reading and talking about interesting stories.

Make it a Routine
The key in keeping your child reading is to build a consistent routine around the activity,  something for your child to look forward to.

Ask Questions
Like a great movie, a wonderful story is always exciting to share.  Ask in depth questions that help challenge your child to retain information and focus on what they're reading.  Show genuine interest by asking about the characters, the scenery or even what your child would do if they were in the place of the character.  By opening a dialogue with your child in the story you're bringing more of the book to life!

Reading is more than assimilating words from pages, but rather an experience that you and your child can enjoy together.

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