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How Visual Therapy Helps To Improve Reading

Adults and children frequently must find innovative ways to improve their reading skills using tools designed to assist with visual difficulties. Fortunately, it is easy to find portable Slant Boards at Visual Edge, Inc., that are suitable for use at home or school. Lightweight Slant Boards with adjustable legs are the perfect device for students to carry in a backpack to school or home to provide a surface for writing or manipulating magnetized letters. Teachers and parents will love using these learning aids to assist readers who have visual processing disorders. The Slant Boards are the perfect size to place on classroom desks or wheelchair trays without sliding off.

Green Slant Board Visual Edge

Reduces Eyestrain

Designed to adjust to the perfect angle, the colorful Visual Edge Slant Board helps to prevent and reduce eye strain experienced by many special education students in elementary, middle, and high school. In addition to assisting with learning how to write, it is also a great device to hold reading materials, such as homework papers and textbooks, at the correct angle.Using a Slant Board can improve reading techniques by helping students to avoid frequent headaches and neck strain caused by sitting in unusual positions in an attempt to focus their eyes. While many students do not require visual aids to assist with seeing correctly, the devices often help individuals to learn faster.

Visual Therapy

Students with double vision require assistance with reading because their eyes do not work together properly. While most young students have perfect binocular vision by the time they enter school, many individuals have health conditions that disrupt this ability. Visual therapy with exercises, eyeglasses, and Slant Boards can help to improve reading memory and comprehension to help students keep up with their peers. Teachers and parents noticing a child is failing to learn as fast as others can easily use an adjustable Slant Board. Slant Boards are part of visual therapy used by optometry specialists to assist patients struggling with problems due to neurological disorders, brain injuries, or behavioral difficulties.

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