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incline board

  • What Is The Incline Board Reading Tool?

    If you're motivating your child to read more and want to include more tools and resources in the process, the incline board reading tool from Visual Edge can help. The board has a number of features that can make reading more appealing for children, and can even make it easier for you to read to and with your child on a daily basis.

    The incline board reading tool is available in neon colors like yellow, blue and green, making the items immediately attractive to a child. The board slants the book or magazine your child is reading at a 22 degree angle to make it easier to see while he/she is sitting. This frees your child's hands to create flashcards with you of words that he/she needs to become more familiar with. The Slant Board also has two small legs that collapse, so you can take the board with you anywhere.

    Visual Edge's Slant Boards also have a dry-erase surface, so your child can write down words while he/she is reading. Writing is essential to learning how to read well, so purchasing a desktop adjustable slant board that can help with both important skills is certainly helpful. The company also sells dry-erase markers.

    visual edge slant board

    In addition to the Slant Boards, Visual Edge also offers a lap pillow so your child can read from his/her laptop. The computer fits comfortably on the pillow so the screen can be seen clearly, and there are two Velcro straps on the item that hold the laptop in place. There are plenty of online resources like games and reading puzzles that you can incorporate into your child's reading time, and with Visual Edge's laptop pillow, these electronic lesson plans are easily accessed.

    Now that you know where to purchase the tools for improving your child's reading, incorporating certain tasks, like reading a book with your son or daughter every day or having them read to you as you run errands and complete daily tasks will be much easier.

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