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Practicing Good Work Habits


One of the things many don't realize is how much your work habits affect your vision which in turn can affect your stress level, productivity and even physical well being.  Whether you are typing up an endless amount of emails, writing a thank you letter or putting together a report, here are some great tips to incorporate into your work day to help prevent eye strain and give your eyes a little break.

Writing with care:

Especially in a rush, whenever jotting down notes or writing a letter, many of us don't pay attention to how we are writing or the environment we are writing in.  Poorly lit areas, awkward surfaces or against a wall, may seem like an okay area to write something down, but remember that actions over time are what add up to negative effects.  The next time you are on the phone, rather than holding the phone between your head and shoulder, which over time can strain your neck, try to locate a place to sit and lay down the paper or pad.

Over extended use:

While it may be true that there are not enough hours in the day and we can become insanely busy.  Taking time to look away from the computer and looking at something else not only gives your eyes a break, but an also clear your head to allow you to tackle your task with a fresh look.  Staring at text for extended periods of time can strain your eyes and make details harder to catch.

Rubbing your eyes:

When eyes begin to get sore or are tired, the first reaction is generally to rub them.  Remember that your hands touch a multitude of surfaces and aren't always clean.  Rubbing can also increase redness and swelling.  The skin around your eyes is incredibly delicate, so be gentle the next time you reach for them.

Adequate sleep:

Your eyes are generally the first to let you know when it's time to get some rest.  Don't ignore the signals.  No matter what the deadline may be, remember that your health, vision and well being should be top priority.

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