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  • Palo Alto VA COVD Conference

    The College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) held their Regional Conference at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, CA on the 15th and 16th of August.


    Palo Alto VA Hospital

    This years subject was a continuation of last years conference as it focused on the visual consequences of Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI).   The featured speaker was Allen H. Cohen, OD, FAAO, FCOVD.  Dr. Cohen specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Acquired Brain Injuries.  The main focus of the conference was towards treating Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan  with TBI injuries mainly due to IEDs.

    Dr. Allen H. cohen

    Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI)  and be classified into two categories, Internal or External head injury.   Some forms of brain injuries are also know as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) classified by the way the injury was acquired i.e. through some form of impact or shock wave from a blast.

    Doctors and Therapist Attendees

    The main purpose of the Conference was to pass on knowledge and techniques obtained through Dr. Cohen's research to others so they may address this very misunderstood phenomena known as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).  It is the uniqueness to each individual of this type of injury that make so difficult to diagnose and treat.

    Patient Evaluation Techniques Demonstrated

    Due to the insidious nature of TBI's,  extensive testing and evaluation may be required to determine if your symptoms are due to a TBI or some other cause.   Once it is determined that your injuries are due to a TBI a treatment plan needs to be worked up and implemented.
    Patient Treatment Techniques Demonstrated
    Every treatment plan for TBI patient is customized to each patient.  Every person is different, even if they experienced the exact same event.  This very debilitating injury is very insidious and commonly gets misdiagnosed as something else.  For Veterans this has been found to true when is comes to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   The Veterans have no sign of physical injury, however after returning from the war with a clear bill of heath, some months later they find they can no longer cope.  This delayed sign of symptoms is indicative  of a TBI.
    For more information and references for evaluation and treatment please go to COVD, OEP Foundation or the San Diego Center for Vision Care.

    College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD)

    215 West Garfield Road Suite 200
    Aurora, OH 44202
    (330) 995-0718, (888) 995-0719, FAX (330) 995-0719
    Optometric Extension Program Foundation, Inc. (OEP Foundation)
    1921 E. Carnegie Ave., Ste. 3-L
    Santa Ana, CA 92705-5510
    (949) 250-8070
    San Diego Center for Vision Care
    7898 Broadway
    Lemon Grove, CA 91945
    (619) 464-7713, FAX (619) 464-7668

  • Visual Edge Reading Slant Board Testimonial

    At Visual Edge we frequently get touching testimonials, stories and praise about how our board has either helped someone, or how we offer such a quality product.  Here's another one from the "Center of Vision Care" and as always thank you for your support.


    "I'm sure it's fine to pass this article on to everyone you know -- and even people you don't know! My purpose in sending it was to inform as many people as possible about the subject of vision and learning. Thanks for spreading the word!! Speaking of vision and learning, did you happen to catch Dr. Hillier's interview on the CW TV Network yesterday? It was quite good!

    A quick aside here: A new boy (8 yrs. old) started vision therapy today and I was working with the boy and his mother for their intro to the VT routine. We always give patients your slant board at their first appointment, so I told this new boy that I had a slant board I wanted him to use and was about to open the box and unpack it when mom said "Oh that's okay, we already have a wooden one that the school loaned us." I said they might just like our new, state-of-the-art slant board and that they were welcome to take it home, try it out, and compare it to their old one. When I actually got the box open and took out the board, both mom and son were wide-eyed and they both said "Omigosh! This is sooooo much better than that heavy old clunky board we have! We already know we'll like it better". They were impressed, to say the least!! Thought I'd pass their admiration on to you."

    All the best,
    Linda S.
    Center for Vision Care

  • COVD Features Visual Edge In Reading and Writing Ergonomics

    COVD is the "College of Optometrists in Vision Development" who focuses on providing meaningful and useful information on the prevention, enhancement, and rehabilitation aspects of learning, vision therapy and more.  In their Volume 39 and Issue 3 article, the importance of visual-motor integration (VMI) is discussed along the various aspects of how hand mechanics affect writing and how the reading angle affects how our eyes see text on a page.  As an dynamic tool in reading, the Visual Edge Slant Board is featured in this article showing how the board supports proper reading and writing ergonomics.

    For more information on COVD and vision therapy please visit


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