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Reading Fluency

  • Reading Comprehension Mastery: Where to Find Help with Reading

    Studying takes a lot more than mental alertness. The body influences the mind to a great extent. This is why people prefer a particular place to study and may even have a certain body position while they’re studying—whether this is seated in a favorite chair or hopped up with legs folded on the couch. It makes sense that making the body and the mind more comfortable to study improves how much studying is done and what information is absorbed. For instance, the use of a Slant Board is a phenomenal tool for students and others that helps to read and study material. It can also help students to write.

    slant boards help kids readThe eyes can become greatly fatigued when vision is compromised. If a substantial amount of reading is required, reading material in the easiest manner becomes necessary. Slant Boards prop up the back of the reading material so that the direction of the page is suited to the eyes. This is important as it saves the body from contorting itself to see all the words of the reading material. In addition, a person that uses a Slant Board has better ergonomic advantage and may suffer less back problems down the road. A person that reads material on a flat surface tends to slouch while a person that reads material that sits at an angle will sit fully upright.

    Slant Boards assist children when learning how to read. The eyes must be trained, like any other part of the body. Reading requires a particular path for the eyes to move. Improving this pattern improves the speed at which one reads. For some children that require vision therapy, Slant Boards can be exceptionally helpful. Slant Boards are tilted at the right position to assist a child with their eye coordination and eye movement control.

    Slant Boards are a helpful tool for anyone that is required to read material: young children learning to read, children who are in need of vision therapy, children doing schoolwork, teenagers doing homework, and business professionals. Slant Boards are the perfect, lightweight solution to easier and more efficient reading.

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