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3 Reasons Why A Magnetic Writing Board Is An Essential Tool for Children's Education

1. Learning Tool

Using a magnetic writing board for children is an excellent way to help them learn faster. Many students require a variety of methods to learn the shape of the letters of the alphabet. At the Visual Edge online store, educators can purchase a quality slant board that has a magnetized surface to hold letters. Every child can benefit from this educational tool, but it is especially helpful for struggling readers. The first few years of school are the best times to help a student with a learning disability such as dyslexia. Experts suggest that intensive tutoring in kindergarten and first grade can help a struggling student catch-up with their peers.

2. Perfect Size

Occasionally, a young child will have brain development and visual acuity that is taking longer to develop. The magnetic writing board for children is one way to help a student develop their brain to understand letter formation. Visual Edge has created this device as a slant board to make it easier for a child to see material correctly. The slanting ability of this reading tool makes it perfect for students with vision deficits or mobility issues. The slant board is the perfect size to fit nicely on a student’s desk or classroom table. If a student is a wheelchair user, it is easy for them to see the surface of the slant board.

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3. Miniature Whiteboard

Visual Edge has designed the magnetic writing board for children as a versatile tool that is useful for many years in the classroom. We offer accessories including a color match magnet set to help children learn different colors. When you order a slant board device, our store also has dry-erase markers in a variety of colors. The slant board is a miniature whiteboard that fits on a table or desk to allow students to see better while learning how to read. Many teachers and parents also use other objects on the metal slant board such as tiny letters and numbers. This reading tool is portable and small enough to carry in a satchel to several classrooms throughout the school day.

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