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Adjustable White Board with Dry Erase Surface

The surface of the Visual Edge slant board doubles as a dry erase whiteboard. This versatile feature of the Visual Edge board provides an invaluable learning tool, as children respond well to the use of colorful markers when, for example, writing down notes or working out math problems.

Schools started to buy whiteboards in order to replace the clunky and harder-to-clean chalkboard. Whiteboards have been standard features of classrooms for many years now, and for good reason. Whiteboards add a level of interactivity that makes learning fun and interesting, and the Visual Edge slant board provides this in an easy, accessible fashion, whether at home or at school.

Whiteboards are also easy to clean and maintain. Whiteboard markers are comfortable to hold and write with, and cause much less strain on the fingers than pens or pencils do, and thus provide a welcome change of pace while working.

Dry erase whiteboards are popular features of offices and work environments as well, and the whiteboard feature of the Visual Edge slant board can be of great benefit to anyone, not just school aged children. Whether it’s writing down a quick to-do list or brainstorming ideas for an upcoming business presentation, a dry erase whiteboard can prove to be a handy, useful instrument.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unsatisfied with the Visual Edge board, we guarantee you a full refund of purchase price.

Notes on Care

  • Do not use the paper clip at the top of the Slant Board as a carry handle. This will hyper extend the spring and break the clip.
  • Ensure the Velcro strip is properly attached to the plastic book catch by pressing it firmly to the plastic book catch before using. This will ensure it remains attached when removing the catch from the Slant Board.