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I am writing to you regarding your Visual Edge slant board which I purchased at our annual Teacher's Conference in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in November. I purchased this board for a student I work with who has Downs Syndrome.

First I want to tell you what a huge success this board has been with this student. We use it for almost all of her daily work, whether it is reading, printing or math. The white board allows me to copy any work on the board in the classroom to facilitate her ability to read. Quite simply it has been a huge success.

Yours truly,

Jennifer Summers - Teacher, Mc Caig Elementary School


"I started working as an occupational thereapist with SEDOM around Thanksgiving, 2011.  It was apprent that every child in the classroom assigned to me would most likely benefit from the use of a a slanted work surface.  Primaraly for optimal visual efficiency, posture and visual-motor skills during table-top task performance.  I wanted to make slant boards for my students for Christmas and was searching for optimal designs when I discovered the Visual Edge Slant Board.

They were the best sloped work surface I'd ever seen.  I soon realized that I would never be able to make anything that could compare, so I contacted the owner of Visual Edge, Inc., Mr. Paul Magaudda.  He had originally designed the board to help his daughter and they are used by all of the students taught by his wife with great success.  Mr. Magaudda most graciously and generously donated a case of 12 slant boards for my school. 

It has now been a week since the teacher and students have been using the Visual Edge Slant Board gifted to them and I couldn't be more thrilled with how much they are enjoying them and how effectively they promote thier greater comfort, neuromuscular efficiency and performance with visual and visual-fine motor table-top tasks.  The teacher and students use them throughout the day for reading, writing, artwork, use of the iPad, Computors, etc., and easily transport and store them.  These slant boards are sleek, attractive and user-friendly.  I give them my highest endorsement!  The teacher and children from this classroom have given testimonials about the Visual Edge Slant Boards which include:

  •     "It helps me write better"
  •     "My back feels more relaxed when I use it"
  •     "It feels better to write on"
  •     "I don't have to slouch down and my back feels better when I use the slant board"
  •     "I can sit straighter"
  •     "My neck feels better when I use it."
  •     "Without this board our necks have to go down.  It helps our necks and eyes not hurt
  •     "We love the slant boards!"

Pat Conlon Grosso, OTR/L   Special Education, North Elementary School, Crystal Lake, IL

"I am thrilled with the many uses of the slant board.  I teach high school and specialize in reading and autism.  I use the slant board with students who have autism, dyslexic, visual tracking difficulties, ADHD and dysgraphia.  I have slant boards for all of my students and use them for learning games as well as reading exercises.  The students get excited about using the slant boards and can't wait for that part of the lesson.  My son who has ADHD and visual tracking difficulties has improved his time on task in his fifth grade class since using the slant board.  Thank you for your ingenuity.  What a wonderful product!"

Christie Talbot, MS Special Education, Reading & Autism Specialist 

"Paul I have to tell you how much we enjoy your slant boards and your attention to customer service.  I have scoured the Internet and found nothing as good as your board.  You have cornered the market with a light and attractive board to relieve visual stress.  In fact not only do our eyes thank you but our necks too.

We were given the old style boards in our shipment by accident.  When I told you of the error you did not hesitate to send us out the new style boards.  For anyone who is considering which way to go let me tell you that the new style boards are much better.  They are noticeably thicker and more resilient.  The old boards are OK but the new ones are superior.  We are very staisfied with our purchse.  We keep one set of slant boards at home and leave another set at our children's school.

Many thanks for making a killer product backed by stellar customer service."

Sincerely yours,
Aaron Rosenzweig,  Very Satisfied Customer


Teresa Daniel, Satisfied Customer

"Visual Edge Slant Boards have been an excellent resource in my practice. At every vision therapy orientation, I include information on proper ergonomics and healthy visual habits. I strongly encourage EVERY vision therapy patient to purchase a slant board to be used for any near point tasks, such as reading or writing. The Visual Edge Slant Board provides my patients with a more versatile, lightweight board that is excellent for use in the classroom. I have received lots of positive feedback from both my younger patients and their parents after using the slant boards. Thank you Visual Edge for your hard work and dedication to reduce visual stress in the classroom.
Dr. Angel Lopresti, Angel Eyes Optometry

"A new boy (8 yrs. old) started vision therapy today and I was working with the boy and his mother for their intro to the VT routine. We always give patients your slant board at their first appointment, so I told this new boy that I had a slant board I wanted him to use and was about to open the box and unpack it when mom said "Oh that's okay, we already have a wooden one that the school loaned us." I said they might just like our new, state-of-the-art slant board and that they were welcome to take it home, try it out, and compare it to their old one. When I actually got the box open and took out the board, both mom and son were wide-eyed and they both said "Omigosh! This is sooooo much better than that heavy old clunky board we have! We already know we'll like it better."  They were impressed, to say the least!! Thought I'd pass their admiration on to you."
Linda Solway, Center for Vision Care

"As a classroom teacher for seventeen years with a Masters in Reading, I'm always looking for ways to motivate my students and improve their reading skills. I've found the Visual Edge Slant Board to be an effective tool to aid my students who have difficulty with reading fluency. It allows them to visually track text more easily which improves their reading fluency and comprehension. My students also enjoy the design of the slant board and anxiously await their turn to use it."
Sandy Stringer, Teacher

"Slant Boards that I have used in the past are either too heavy, too cumbersome or fragile and certainly not exciting. The Visual Edge® Slant Board is substantially superior to any other Slant Board that I have seen...I would highly recommend the Visual Edge® Slant Board to all Behavioral Optometrists and to anybody in the educational world."
Gary Sneag, O.D., F.C.O.VD

"The greatest benefit that I've observed in my clinic is the disappearance of neck and head strain in readers of all levels, especially those students challenged by reading and writing activities."
Lynne Thrope, Ph.D. Reading Therapist

"When implemented, postures improve and there is a marked increase in attention spans...extremely important for all of us! I have seen many different types of slant boards throughout the years and I feel that the Visual Edge® Slant Board offers the best features available today at an excellent price. I recommend them to all of my patients and have heard only rave reviews once they begin using them on a regular basis."
Jean Nagel, Certified Optometric Vision Therapist

"Through the years, I have attempted to locate a "slant board" that would meet the needs of my clients and the recommendations of professionals. In the back room of my office, I have six or eight boards that were close to meeting these requirements, but missed the mark...then came the Visual Edge® Slant Board. This board is situated close to my client worktable where I can get my hands on it at a moment's notice! It is the slant board of my dreams!!"
Joanne G. Hein, MS, CCC Speech-language Pathologist

"Your boards are great. I take them to the workshops I teach and they are always a hit. Recently I took my niece to my old vision therapist in Evenston , IL; I forwarded him this info because he was very interested. Thank you!"
Theresa Nesbitt

"Well, thanks for the information this especially good, affordable product that is very functional, sturdy, and stores so easily just about anywhere. Our vision clinics will continue to use your Slant Boards and keep them available for purchase for our patients. Your company provides a useful tool for students and patients of all ages."
Karen Hoffman, Vision Therapist for Drs. Daniel, Davis, Dukes, & Love Optometry, Carlsbad, CA.